Yemeni WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version on Android

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One of the most popular copies of WhatsApp is Yemeni Whatsapp. Additionally, its colour and style make it popular. It has many additional features. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the Yemeni Whatsapp version 2022 apk, including how to download it and how to update it.

What is Yemeni Whatsapp?

The Yemeni Whatsapp 2022 has an entirely new design, which is specifically tailored to Yemen. The original WhatsApp version does not have any issues working alongside this version. It also lets you hide your online status, prevent messages from being deleted, and view media only once.

Features Of Yemeni Whatsapp

Privacy Protection

WhatsApp’s new version gives you more control over your privacy. You can hide your blue tick, hide your second tick, and hide your online status.

Customize Conversation

By changing the size, style, and colour of chat bubbles and ticks, you can customize your conversations.


The WhatsApp version you are using is regularly updated. You will be able to continue using the version without having to manually update it.

Message Scheduling

Scheduled messages can also be sent whenever you wish. Additionally, you can add an automatic response that will send your friends a message if you are unavailable.

Download Status

The download button below allows you to download any status you like, and any text status can be copied as well.

Text unsaved numbers

WhatsApp lets you make calls and send messages to numbers that are not registered on your phone.


We recommend Yemeni WhatsApp for the best-modified WhatsApp. Once you start using it, you’ll never want to stop using it because of its features and interface.

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