WhatsApp Gold APK v16.00 Download Latest Version 2022

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This new mod provides unlimited amazing and exciting features for Android users with WhatsApp Gold APK. Nasser, who goes by the name Altornedo7, created WhatsApp Gold.

Millions of users have been using WhatsApp Gold APK for years, and it gives everyone access to many features more than the original WhatsApp. Many operating systems are supported by this mod, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

WhatsApp is Gold Whatsapp?

With WhatsApp Gold, you get features that you don’t have access to in the official app. Compared to the original WhatsApp app on your phone, Gold WhatsApp offers a lot more functionality. Apps can be customized as you wish to give them a new look.

Features of Golden Whatsapp

Hide chats

With Gold WhatsApp, you can hide conversations, as well as create a password for any chat that you wish to hide. Firstly, turn off chat alerts if you wish to use this feature.


The WhatsApp Golden screen and app images can be customized. Additionally, WhatsApp Gold offers the ability to create your own icons and fonts for each group and the ability to change font sizes across the whole application or as per group.


The privacy protocol that comes with WhatsApp Gold is perhaps its biggest advantage. While reading the message, the blue fragments don’t appear because the app hides the read information. When you see your contacts’ status updates, it also notifies you.

Blue ticks

We read messages most of the time, but we are unable to reply for some reason. How can this be resolved? You will only be able to see the blue dots if you reply to the sender as opposed to just viewing the message when you download Golden WhatsApp.

User interface

The Gold WhatsApp chat portal is also fully customizable, so you can ensure your privacy at all times. Almost every aspect of the user experience can be customized, from font size and type to colours.

Anti-Delete status

Gold WhatsApp offers a large number of features, including anti-delete status. Deleted stories will not be visible to anyone if they are posted in the status section and later deleted. It’s a WhatsApp mod that lets you see other people’s stories even after they’re deleted.

Anti-Delete Messages

Senders can see the deleted messages with this WhatsApp APK if they delete the message after sending it. If the sender deletes the message, the recipient will see “This message has been deleted.”.

Schedule messages

With mod WhatsApp, you can create a private message for a specific day and send it at the specified time and destination to a specific group of contacts. The message is automatically sent.

Send large media files

Multi-media files can be sent simultaneously. Official WhatsApp lets you send only 30 images at once, so you know to keep that in mind if you download it. Golden WhatsApp now allows you to send more than 90 images at a time and videos and photos up to 30MB instead of 15MB, so you can send more than 90 images at a time.

Multimedia Sharing

The original WhatsApp system has been reported to have quality issues by several WhatsApp users. It may be difficult to transfer these files if they are not compressed.
Files and videos can now be shared without being compressed or divided into pieces because WhatsApp Gold has increased file size requirements. Also, the service delivers high-quality images without the need to compress them.

Frequently Asked Question

What is WhatsApp Gold APK?

There are some exciting and powerful features that come with WhatsApp Gold APK. Third-party developer Altornedo7 created it as a messaging application.

How to update Golden WhatsApp?

Whenever the new version of WhatsApp gold APK comes out, you must uninstall the old version and then download the new version from gbhope.com. Because it is not available on the play store, you must uninstall the old one.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Gold and Official WhatsApp simultaneously?

It isn’t possible to run two apps simultaneously on the same device. The original WhatsApp must be uninstalled before WhatsApp Gold can be used.


Users are attracted to WhatsApp mods because it increases their security features and enables customization of the interface. WhatsApp Gold has not been proven to be a scam, despite claims from some users. The users are however cautioned to use only reliable websites for downloading mods, as some links may carry malware.

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