WAPWhatsApp V16 Apk Download For Android Oct 2022

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In terms of modified versions, the WAPWhatsApp apk is an excellent app. The main reason why WAPWhatsApp Apk is great is due to its amazing features and functions. One of the most interesting things is that if you are an android user, WAPWhatsApp is 100% free.

I believe there is not a single WhatsApp user who does not believe that the app could be improved in terms of features and functionality. It has some features that any other app does not have.

It is true that there are several modified versions that are available on the market, however, WAPWhatsApp has a number of unique features that make it a unique application. Listed below are a few of the unique features of WAPWhatsApp.

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WapWhatsapp Apk Overview:

App Name Wapwhatsapp
License Free
Latest Version V16
Requirement 4.0+
File Size 44 MB
File Type Apk
Last updated 3 Days Ago




Features of WapWhatsapp

  • After sending unlimited files, images sharing is unlocked
  • There are no ads or watermarks
  • Emojis without limits
  • Groups can be created indefinitely
  • In your messages, you can translate different languages
  • Date and time of a forwarded message that was deleted
  • I plan on sharing my experience and external features after you download the application and use it.
  • Access All of Your Limited Content by Unlocking.
  • Invite Your Friends With Images, Videos, and Contact Information.
  • Change the background of the chat window.
  • You can also customize your WhatsApp.

Download WAPWhatsApp Apk

It is quite surprising that many people think WhatsApp has more features than it actually does right now, even though it is one of the free instant messaging apps. There are a number of apps that they contain, however since they have fewer followers and rarely, a non-user who has been using WhatsApp for a long period of time, we have seen a number of MODs that we use within WhatsApp itself, with more benefits.

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How to Download & Install WAPWhatsApp APK

  • First of all, you need to download the APK for the Android version that is the most current.
  • Your old WhatsApp should be backed up.
  • You need to uninstall your previous WhatsApp.
  • Activate the “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” option before starting the installation process.
  • Your device will now have the new APK installed.
  • Just click on the installation button when the system asks for permission.
  • The icon of the APK will appear on your smartphone’s home screen once the installation process is completed.
  • You’ll be able to restore your old chats with your contacts once you open the application and register your number.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WAPWhatsapp?

In comparison to most WhatsApp mods, WAPWhatsApp was developed by a North American organization, rather than the stable version, similar to most of them. Thus, it makes use of specific capacities that haven’t been implemented yet.

How do I download WAPWhatsApp?

You can download this mod by clicking the “Download WAPWhatsApp” button on this page.

How do I update the WAPWhatsApp?

Visit our website regularly to stay up-to-date on WAPWhatsApp’s latest updates. It is important to keep an updated version of WAPWhatsApp if you are using an old version of this mod.


Compared to official Whatsapp, WAP Whatsapp has many more features than official Whatsapp. Compared to the official Whatsapp, WAP Whatsapp offers more features. You can use it safely and securely. Aside from downloading Whatsapp statuses, viewing deleted statuses, reading deleted messages, and more, this Whatsapp mod apk has many other features. Whatsapp mod apk can be downloaded here in the latest version. This mod apk has several features that have already been discussed.

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