How to Know If Someone Is Recording Your Call On WhatsApp?

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The answer to your question is yes if you’re wondering if someone is recording your WhatsApp call.

You cannot always tell if someone has activated their phone’s screen recorder while on the phone.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp does not include a video call recording option, someone can use their phone’s screen recorder to record your video and store it in the phone’s memory.

Is It Possible To Record WhatsApp Video Calls?

It is possible to record WhatsApp calls and texts without your knowledge at any time and it is very easy to do.

In today’s world, most devices come with screen recording software built into their operating systems, but even if the perpetrator doesn’t have this feature, there are a variety of free third-party screen recording apps that can be used.

You can never feel too safe when chatting with strangers online, as there are other methods such as external cameras recording the screen or audio recorders that can be hidden easily.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iPhone?

What Should You Do If You are Being Recorded on WhatsApp Video Calls?

Since you won’t receive an alert from the app, it’s difficult to tell if someone is recording your video call.

 You must follow your instincts to learn any technique. It is possible that your call is being recorded if the person does not show their face and is asking questions that seem to implicate you.

Furthermore, you can ask a friend if he or she is recording your video call. You can only find out for sure if your video call has been recorded in this way, even though it might not be the answer you are looking for.

With any other approach, you’re pretty much guessing and won’t get very far. With any other approach, you’re pretty much guessing and won’t get very far.

Prior to talking with you, you received an automated message that suggested that the call could be recorded

Businesses, shops, and companies routinely record telephone conversations, but they have to disclose this before you speak with a real person. Just remember that if you hear something like “this call may be monitored or recorded” while talking to a business, you are not at risk.

It’s pretty much a guessing game if you try any other method, and you won’t get very far.

1. An Automated Message Alerted You To The Possibility of Recording The Call Before You Speak

Businesses, shops, and companies routinely record telephone conversations, but they have to disclose this before you speak with a real person. Just remember that if you hear something like “this call may be monitored or recorded” while talking to a business, you are not at risk.

Customers of major companies such as Wal-Mart and Amazon have access to this feature. The phone call should go smoothly as long as this is an actual business you’re speaking to.

2. Install a wiretap detection application from a third party

You can download apps that alert you instantly if your call is being recorded! Of course, this will not work with every recording method, but it’s better than nothing.

On the Google Play store for Android, there is an app called Wiretap Detection (Anti Spy).

This app can be used as follows:

  1. Select the wiretap detection feature and turn it on.

In the future, a notification will pop up on your screen if your phone call is being recorded. Do not Spy 2 and i Am Notified are other apps available for iPhone.

Again, this does not prevent all kinds of call recordings.

3. Your voice echoes in the distance

You may hear the echoes of your own voice on a WhatsApp call if the other person is recording your voice.

They need to put the call on speaker in order to record it externally with a second phone or recorder, but this isn’t always the case.

In defense of your privacy, it’s better to be safe than sorry if they have the call on speaker for some reason.

In the event that you hear an echo, you may want to ask them if they are recording. Ask them what their intentions were if they admit to recording you. From there, you can decide how to proceed.

4. During a call, you see them holding a recorder in their hands

Keep calm and ask what they are doing if you see a recording device in their hand or in the background during a video call.

Irrationally reacting people should be blocked right away, especially if they’re someone you just met.

The person could be spreading rumours about you, stealing your identity, or worse, extorting you for blackmail! By taking these precautions, you can avoid all of these things from happening to you.

5. Find out whether they’re recording 

Ask if your calls are being recorded if you suspect someone may be doing so. A simple explanation may clear everything up.

There are exceptions to this, however. It is not uncommon for malicious individuals to record private conversations. It could be for malicious reasons or worse.

Also, in many places it is illegal, so just asking if they are recording could cause them to stop for fear of prosecution.

6. You Can Hear The Chime of the Start Button When They Start the Recording

A familiar sound effect or chime should be an immediate red flag when a recording is beginning.

You are probably not being screen recorded but rather being captured externally, which means they are using an external camera to film you.

See if anything is in their hands if they deny the accusation and ask what the sound was. Determine your next step based on how they respond. Be confident in blocking!

What To Do If Someone Records Your WhatsApp Call

In many places, it is illegal to record telephone calls without your permission. If you believe your call is being recorded, tell the individual.

 Telling them that you do not want them to record the call may force them to stop or they may be forced to face legal consequences.

However, your location will affect this. There are some states in the U.S. that only require one person to consent to the recording of a call, meaning you can legally be recorded without knowing!

Don’t disclose any detailed information about yourself if you’re not talking to a close friend or relative.

1. Make a video call to see what they have in their hands

If you wish to know whether or not you are being recorded, this is the easiest way. To avoid being recorded, end the call or tell them not to continue until they do not have a camera in their hand or in the background.

The problem with this strategy is they could instead record everything internally on their phone through screen recording.

Face Masking Apps Can Be Used

There are no camera filters available on WhatsApp over video calls. If you want to add filters and masks to your video calls, you can install an app called Effects video – Filters Camera. You can remain anonymous with this app.

You need to be careful, if you move too far away from the camera’s center or move too quickly, the filter may momentarily turn off, revealing your face!

 Sorry iPhone users, this application is also only available for Android.

But don’t worry, there are many great video chat applications with built-in face filters! Some of the most popular video chatting apps that offer this feature include Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat, Instagram, and Oovoo.

Screen Recordings Are Notified By WhatsApp?

When you send or open a message, WhatsApp will notify you. If a caller starts recording, WhatsApp won’t notify you. It may be safer to use programs that have this notification, such as Snapchat or FaceTime, since this has a lot of potential for danger if you’re not careful.

You wouldn’t have to notify someone if you recorded a call without their knowledge. If you wanted to store a conversation so that you could look at it later, this might be helpful to you.

Is There A WhatsApp Notification That Records Calls?

The answer is no, there are no ways to tell if someone has recorded their call. When certain actions are taken on a WhatsApp account, users receive notifications.

WhatsApp does not notify its users when someone is recording a call, so you cannot see who is recording your call or if it was recorded by you.

Can Someone Secretly Record Your WhatsApp Call If You Find Out?

When you discover someone is indeed recording your conversations, it can be a very frightening, overwhelming experience. The seriousness of the situation depends on many things. Don’t panic, though! Are you sure;

Is It OK To Call You By Your Real Name?

Your identity could be compromised if the person secretly recording your first and last name is you. Recall the conversations you had with this person.

Are there any other valuable pieces of information they obtained from you? However, be aware that you should always use a fake name or alias online to avoid problems in the future.

How About Showing Your Real Face During the Calls?

This gives the secret recorder even more of an advantage if you have not only provided your first and last name, but also your real face.

This isn’t that big of a deal, as long as you didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, or give up any information about yourself. Demand they delete all the footage they have taken if you know who they are. In case of emergency, call the police.

Whatsapp Video Calls Can Be Recorded

There are many reasons why you might want to record your WhatsApp conversations.

 It is possible to do this through built-in or third party screen recording software, or you can use a second phone or camera to record it.

Specific situations might benefit from this. Let’s say you find out that the stranger you were chatting with was recording you the entire time.

If they are recording you without your consent, you could record them, too. You just have to be careful you don’t do anything to cause trouble!


In spite of the lack of an official video recording feature on smartphones, there is always a way around this limitation.

Recording a WhatsApp video call requires opening your Android smartphone’s screen recorder program and recording the video conversation.

Third-party apps are also available. Among the most popular apps is Cube Call Recorder. You can also record WhatsApp conversations with various applications for Android phones.

Installing the Cube Call Recorder on your Android phone will allow you to record calls. This app requires a phone call to be made after you have opened it. Your cube call widget will also appear on your screen as soon as the call begins. It will begin recording the call as soon as you click it.

In iOS 11, Apple added the ability to record screen activity, which can be handy when recording phone calls or other conversations. WhatsApp video calls can be recorded on your iPhone using this function without requiring you to go through much hassle.

Using the app will not be necessary for recording WhatsApp video calls on your iOS device. Your device can also be connected to a computer so that recordings can be made. The first step is to connect your iPhone to your MacBook Pro.

Choose QuickTime from the menu after connecting. Then select New Audio Recording from the File menu.

Using the Record button on QuickTime will allow you to record the call before you make it. You will be able to start recording immediately as soon as you make a phone call.

The recording will also stop once you’ve finished the call. It can then be saved.

Information Applications

While WhatsApp is one of the best apps for chatting with strangers around the world, it isn’t perfect.

The most common method for recording things like phone calls or video calls is a screen recording, and WhatsApp doesn’t offer any type of notification when someone is recording, so it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

For this type of notification, use Snapchat, FaceTime, or Instagram if you aren’t used to talking to strangers online.


Using apps like WhatsApp, you can text or call people all over the world for free.

You could end up in a lot of trouble if you don’t take the necessary precautions when it comes to security.

When you always keep your guard up, meeting new people online can be perfectly safe. Never show your real face online, use an alias (a fake name or nickname), and block shady characters right away.

Your address and social security number should never be given to an online stranger. There are many cases of identity theft around the world.

There are nearly 15 million identity theft victims in the US alone each year, so you can never be too safe when chatting with strangers online.

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