RAWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android

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Android users can download an app called RAWhatsapp Apk for WhatsApp plus. With RAWhatsApp 2022 you can access all WhatsApp features as well as customize the app to look like Gm IOS WhatsApp. Both versions of the app allow you to send messages to unsaved numbers and prevent other people from deleting them. We have provided direct links for downloading and installing the iPhone theme for WhatsApp here.

What is RAWhatsApp Apk 2022?

WhatsApp users can customize their WhatsApp experience with RAWhatsApp Apk, a new mod. Make your phone look better. There are different themes available on the platform that allow you to customize the look of your chat screen every day.



A modified version of WhatsApp for Android devices, WhatsApp RA, was developed by Fahad Al-Balani. In this app, you can view deleted images and save a view once gallery. You can also customize the app to look like iPhone. There’s one app that works as an alternative, and another that works alongside. There’s no difference between them except for the colours.

Features Of RAWhatsApp Apk

Change Main Interface

Choose iPhone Style in RAWAP >Home Screen>Header> Home UL Style> to make your main interface look like the iPhone interface.

Support more formats

The file types WhatsApp supports are limited at the moment. This makes it difficult to send files in different formats. The RAWhatsapp apk version supports the following file formats.

iPhone Emoji

In Add-ons and Features > More Settings > Style and feel, you can change the emoji to look like an iPhone emoji.


The APK’s interface can be completely altered with a variety of themes. There are several ways to customize conversations, icons, and contacts, among others. The theme can also be changed. By downloading different themes, RAWhatsApp Apk can easily change its theme.

You can also hide the last seen

This version is perfect for people who want to hide their last seen from specific contacts. The WhatsApp status can be hidden from certain people using this feature. WhatsApp status needs to be hidden from some people all the time.

Additional Features

  • Keeping your information private and secure
  • The last seen can be frozen. The application needs to be restarted in order for this to take effect.
  • The Instagram like-stories feature can be enabled
  • Would anyone be able to contact me?
  • You can customize the privacy settings for contacts, groups, and status updates
  • The Status Viewer can be hidden
  • The inability to delete text messages
  • For security reasons, apps should be locked
  • The XML theme can be downloaded and installed
  • Background for WhatsApp with the RA logo.
  • Bold is the font used in this document.
  • Android’s default emoji and the Android Emoji


Staying in touch with family and friends is easy with RAWhatsApp Apk. It offers a wide range of features and is easy to use. In addition to being a very unique application, it provides an excellent option for those who want to enjoy iPhone themes on Android devices. Whatsapp is the app you need if you want to stay in touch with family and friends.



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