RA WhatsApp iOS 8.93 Apk Download Latest Version 2022

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RA WhatsApp iOS has also been very popular as an iPhone-style WhatsApp MOD. Additionally, the modified application has hundreds of additional features over the original application besides Android’s peculiar user interface.

RA WhatsApp Overview:

App Name RA WhatsApp Apk
File size 51 MB
Latest version v8.93
Developer Whatsappinstalling
Total Downloads 7,500+
Requirement 4.4+
Last updated 3 Days Ago

What is RA WhatsApp?

There is an application named RA WhatsApp. It was created or rewritten by a moderator named Ridwan Arifin. A particular aspect that makes RA WhatsApp unique is that it was developed by a programmer who is originally from Indonesia. A lot of people have begun using this modified version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp RA’s distinctive and unique look makes it very popular. Rava is often referred to as RA. There have even been some who tweeted RA Yo WhatsApp, which was developed by Ridwan Arifin. You need to know that there are many WhatsApp WhatsApp changes besides RA WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, NA WhatsApp, and AN WhatsApp.

What’s new in RA WhatsApp iOS 8.93

Many new features are included in the updates, almost all exclusive, resulting in a very unique and interesting modification. It is important to remember that the developer was working tirelessly to fix errors and improve the performance of the application.

Features of RA Whatsapp 

  • The base version of the Playstore is
  • Protecting your privacy and security
  • Freeze last seen. If you want to apply this, restart the application.
  • You can enable Instagram like-stories
  • Is anyone able to call me?
  • Contacts, groups, and statuses with custom privacy settings
  • Hiding the Status Viewer
  • Text messages that can’t be deleted
  • Locking apps for security
  • Download and install the XML theme
  • Adding the RA WhatsApp background to the iOS app
  • The font is RA Font iOS Bold
  • Emojis on iOS and the Default Emoji
  • Launcher icons for apps and notifications
  • There’s a widget!
  • Hide the media in the gallery!
  • Data backup and restoration options
  • The following languages are spoken: Indonesian, English, Malaysian, Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, etc…
  • Sending images is limited to a certain number.
  • Logs of Whatsapp should be cleaned.
  • Cards that allow multiple chats.
  • You can customize the colour and appearance.
  • Conversational style at home.
  • Text size can be changed.
  • Change the border profile and colour according to your preference.
  • In the header, you can enable Online contact status and countdown time.
  • Conversations should be shielded from group broadcasts and separators.

Download and Install RA WhatsApp iOS

In order to download the latest version of RA WhatsApp iOS, we need to download two separate packages.  For installing the application as a primary WhatsApp number, we will download the corresponding package, whereas for installing it as a secondary or extra number, we will download the appropriate package.

How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad Without iPhone

It can be difficult for new users to figure out how to install the mod on WhatsApp, and previous chat histories are not completely removed. It is not possible to install two WhatsApp applications at the same time unless you wish to use the RA version of WhatsApp Clone. The APK file can be installed by following the steps below if your phone supports it.

  • Previous chat history should be backed up in advance.
  • Choose Settings > Chat > Back up > Back up.
  • Please delete/uninstall WhatsApp if you do not have a backup.
  • Install RA Whatsapp iOS if you are using the package version.
  • Log in with the number account of your choice.
  • Simply select Back up Now! if you have any notifications.
  • Completed.


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