Pub WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2022

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There is an application called ‘Pub Whatsapp apk’ that you can download for free onto your Android phone. The link for downloading the application can be found below. Although you can download and try some of the older versions of the program, you will need to update the program in order to get access to the latest features.

There will be no Google Play store listing for this application. This application can only be used by people who have android versions 4.0 and above because it doesn’t support android versions below 4.0. 

Perhaps you are having difficulty understanding the APK file, in such a case, please describe your problem in a comment below. If the problem persists, we will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

Features of Pub Whatsapp Apk 

There are several noticeable features, including:

  • I will reply to all groups as soon as possible 
  • There are instant options for blocking and reading 
  • Mark as reading status
  • Messages scheduled in advance 
  • Backgrounds can be changed
  • There are no limits to themes 
  • The bubble colour should be changed 
  • Pub Whatsapp app name can be customized 
  • Notification styles can be easily changed.
  • Changing the background and bubble colours.
  • The location and duration of the notification can be easily controlled.
  • You can download the status of any of your friends.
  • WhatsApp should be locked.
  • The store has an unlimited number of themes for download.
  • The emoji style can be changed easily
  • Messages can be sent to unsaved numbers easily.

New Features in PubWhatsApp?

Updates are made to make this app as useful as possible. A few new features have been added

  • There is no ban on Pub WhatsApp.
  • In WhatsApp groups, names can be coloured easily.
  • With the new update, scheduled messages have been fixed.
  • Data from your chats can be restored and backed up easily.
  • Themes can be applied easily to chats to customize them
  • You can choose from an unlimited number of backgrounds

Pub Whatsapp MOD Apk Features

After downloading Pub Whatsapp from the link below, you can access the following MOD features:

  • There are no ads
  • There are unlimited themes to download
  • Purchases in the app are not available
  • Emoji styles can be customized
  • Backgrounds are limitless
  • Stickers are also available

Why You Should Switch To Pub Whatsapp Apk?

Pub Whatsapp has three reasons to be your go-to messaging app:

  • Many people are concerned about security, and WhatsApp is no different.
  • Apk version of pubwhatsapp is more secure than official WhatsApp apk. Pub WhatsApp protects user data from unauthorized access using end-to-end encryption technology
  • In addition to protecting your privacy, this is a great idea.

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