NM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android 2022

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We have found NM WhatsApp to be one of the best WhatsApp mods available on the internet. Nairton Silva developed this third-party mod. It became extremely popular all over the world because of its amazing features and themes. Despite being an unofficial mod, Gbhope offers you access to this mod, which is not available in the Google Play Store.

Features of NM Whatsapp

  • Any video can be split and sent to the state of your choice.
  • NM WhatsApp now supports stickers.
  • To respond, the slide must be enabled.
  • Colours can be changed in the application.
  • Tracks can be saved and shared.
  • Styles for new bubbles.
  • Styles of ticks that are new.
  • The attached files can have their icons changed.
  • The anti-banning movement.
  • All Galaxy S and Note series devices, HTC Nexus and all other devices are supported.
  • In addition to NMWhatsApp, it also works with GB WhatsApp.
  • A description can be added to a group.
  • Just touch the video button while on a call to switch between voice and video calls.
  • The list of participants in the group can be searched from the group information.
  • Messages that have been redirected (forwarded by another conversation) are labelled.
  • Sending stickers is possible.
  • Main Conversations screen content can be controlled.
  • There is an option to disable Alert Notifications.
  • Messages are scheduled in advance.
  • It is recommended that WhatsApp be restarted.
  • The floating button location can be changed to the right or left.
  • Chat names can be hidden.
  • All conversations hidden in the widget will automatically have their message content hidden.
  • After the reply, the blue ticks are displayed! Messages will only be marked read if you reply to them.
  • Click on the three dots in the right corner of any chat to hide it (Select any chat and click Hide Chat).
  • Click the computer icon at the top right of the chat list to hide chats (Go to Hide chat list).
  • On the home page – header, select DND mode (Disable Internet only for WhatsApp).
  • In the main chat screen of NorahMods, hide the DND mode icon.
  • The Anti-Revoke feature.
  • (When enabled from the server, Group Information Settings will work).
  • Copying text status is possible.
  • A new set of Emojis has been added.
  • New emojis can be added to NorahMods conversations (NorahMods-Conversations).
  • On the NorahMods-Conversations screen, there is the option to select between Tenor and Giphy.
  • (NorahMods-Conversations Screen) Remove the “Read More” option for long messages.
  • Click Settings > Data Usage and Storage to view Chat Storage Usage.
  • An option to send a 100 MB audio clip instead of a 16 MB audio clip.
  • Sending images in their original resolution is an option.
  • Still image with high resolution.
  • Stickers from the Play Store can be added to all packages.
  • 175 themes on the theme server (option 1.1).
  • Ensures that chat settings are more private.
  • (NorahMods-Main Chats Screen) Display the Last View option.
  • Hide the view status of the contact (don’t let them know you viewed their history/status).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is NM Whatsapp safe to use?

As with other modded versions of WhatsApp, how we use them determines their safety. Personal information should not be shared with others. Rather than being sorry, it is better to be safe.

Will I get banned for using NM WhatsApp?

Since its servers are protected from DDoS and not hosted on Google Play servers, this application will not ban you.

When I install the NM WhatsApp Mod Apk, will my chat history be lost?

After installing this app, your chat history will not be lost. You will automatically be able to access your chat history.


Third-party developer Nairton Silva made this mod so users can enhance WhatsApp’s features to make it more functional. There are many interesting features included in this mod, including an app locker, new and exciting emoji, and more.

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