Nigerien WhatsApp Apk Download Latest For Android 2022

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You can add feedback to any message by pressing and holding it.

Recording of voice notes can be paused and resumed.

When the option not to save in the studio is selected, add the option to save the media.

Contact information should be formatted in a new way.

The last appearance and profile picture now has new privacy settings.

When viewing the status, add the option to receive notifications.

In additions and features > Privacy, add an option to hide the button for downloading cases.

Add the ability to copy explanations from photos or videos

(Select the photo/video > 3 dots > copy caption).

A profile picture can now be created by searching the web or using emojis.

New fonts (iPhone fonts) have been added.

Make it possible to choose between Google Translate and instant translation.

You can view all messages sent by a specific person by adding a message counter to the page.

Clean all useless files by adding the option.

Resolve the space-consuming backup issue.

When the conversation is locked, the widget will not open the conversation.

It sometimes appears that there is a change in the number when calling by phone.


All About Nigerian WhatsApp

People now have complete confidence in Nigerien WhatsApp, enabling them to use the application with confidence and reassurance.

A characteristic feature of Nigerien WhatsApp is the saved photo cases and visuals, which are available to friends and not to show that you saw the situation, and the inability of others to delete your messages. Hiding and freezing appear from your phone, hiding the book, hiding the recording is in progress, hiding that you listened to the clip, hiding it. Several thousand people will be jealous and very upset because no one corrected the receipt, viewing and jealousy.

WhatsApp was developed by Al-Ostoura, who added many things to the app, including the Holy Quran, noble hadiths, prayer times, and the Hawa oasis, which specializes in women’s beauty and cuisine, as well as Adam oasis. In addition to focusing on bodybuilding, the phone Mobile also includes a department of human development and a section dedicated to its most important programs.

There is no doubt that Nigerien WhatsApp is among the most attractive and professional versions of WhatsApp in the world. Provides a pleasing colour scheme with consistent backgrounds and distinctive colours that are relaxing and comfortable for the eyes.

He launched WhatsApp for free in Nigerien.

To download or update, you don’t need an email address or a Google Play Store account.

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