MA WhatsApp Apk V6.6.0 Download For Android In 2022

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In recent years, WhatsApp MA Apk has become one of the most popular mods. Through it, you can easily customize and improve your messaging experience. Using this apk file will make your life easier than using the original. Its highest level of security is one of its most appealing features. 

WhatsappMA Apk is a new application that lets users customize their text messaging experience and increase their experience of it by adding new features such as sending audio, videos, and images. Various alternative WhatsApp MODs like KM WhatsApp Apk, Nuevo WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp and ER WhatsApp Apk etc.

MaWhatsApp Overview

App Name Ma WhatsApp Apk
File size 36 MB
Latest version v6.6.0
Developer Whatsappinstalling
Requirement 4.0 and up
Last updated Few Days Ago


What is MA Whatsapp?

It should be noted that WhatsAppMA is essentially a customized version of WhatsApp. By doing this, we can personally alter what the app can do internally with regards to its capabilities and features as well as its interface.

The security features of WhatsAppMA are one of the reasons why it is so popular. This particular mod brings the messaging app with additional features that you are not able to find in the original version. It includes features such as enhanced security and customization of the design of the app.

Features of WhatsappMA

  • Anti Ban 

This Whatsapp mod has been designed to be anti-ban, which is one of its most useful features. Your account will not be banned. You won’t have to worry about Being Banned when you use this Whatsapp mod apk. Using it is completely safe and secure.

  • Whatsapp Status Downloader

There is a status downloader in the Whatsapp mod, which lets you download what your friends and family are saying just by clicking a button. It is no longer necessary to use any other application to download Whatsapp statuses.

  • Hide Whatsapp Chats and Groups

This Whatsapp mod offers the powerful feature of hiding/locking chats within the app. Your Whatsapp chats can now be secured with a custom pin or pattern using this new feature. Unless a custom pin or pattern is used to unlock a locked chat, nobody will be able to access it. Therefore, you can use Whatsapp more safely. Whatsapp groups are the same.

  •  Hide Last Seen

Besides hiding and freezing your last seen, this Whatsapp mod allows you to change your status to inactive. By clicking on the freeze last seen button, you can display yourself offline while you are online. You will no longer be visible online while using Whatsapp if your online status is frozen. 

  • DND Mode

Whatsapp’s DND mode is also included in this mod. When you enable this setting, then you can completely disappear from the Whatsapp network and will not be able to receive or send chats. Whatsapp flight mode is also known as this feature. Turning off Whatsapp does not require you to disconnect from the internet when you have enabled this feature.

  • Anti Message Delete

It has a feature that prevents messages from being deleted. With this app, you are able to view your deleted or revoked Whatsapp messages. Besides viewing the messages but also replying to them, you can select them and reply. With this feature, you could impress your family and friends.

  • Anti Status Delete:

This Whatsapp mod apk includes a feature that prevents status deletion. Your Whatsapp contacts’ deleted statuses may now be viewed. This amazing and powerful MA Whatsapp apk feature also allows you to reply later to those deleted Whatsapp statuses.

Some Additional Features

  • View the WhatsApp profile picture by zooming in and out
  • Better user interface with a dark theme
  • Log files should be deleted if they contain junk and unnecessary information
  • Your font size has been changed
  • You can send photos and videos in high definition
  • Avoid unexpected calls by hiding the call button
  • Tell the difference between a broadcast message and a normal message
  • Multiple messages can be sent at the same time
  • Using the private chat mode
  • Download files after previewing them
  • Messages from the past can be hidden
  • Don’t let your contacts know what your status is
  • Hide the status of being online
  • Messages to multiple contacts can be forwarded and shared
  • Photo and video files should be sent in high definition
  • When you are busy, turn on auto-reply
  • Up to 100MB of files can be sent 
  • You can create groups with up to 256 members. Ideal for large businesses and organizations
  • Get a ban-resistant and extended feature set
  • Up to four people can join a group video call
  • By double-clicking on tick marks, you can enable or disable them at any time
  • A maximum of 30 MB can be sent
  • Post unlimited number of status 
  • Contacts you have blocked can’t call you
  • Using the app lock, you can protect your messages
  • Message Scheduler is used to schedule messages for sending

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