LVWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version On Android 2022

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LVWhatsApp 2022 is a messaging app that is sure to please girls because it is unique and cute. With LVWhatsApp, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly beautiful and uniquely designed interface. Here are the latest updates and the latest version of LV WhatsApp 2022.

What is LVWhatsapp?

WhatsApp, the messaging app for Android phones, is familiar to all Android users. There are new features in WhatsApp that girls want to use, which were not available in previous versions. LVWhatsapp’s most recent versions are not readily available, so many people are searching for them. The most recent versions of WhatsApp can be found on this website, so you don’t have to worry. Girls also want Red Whatsapp, Purple Whatsapp and yellow Whatsapp.

Features Of LVWhatsapp Apk

Styles of writing

There are a variety of writing styles you can use with LV Whatsapp apk. WhatsApp’s latest version offers a variety of styles and fonts for interacting with your contacts. Those who use this feature will appreciate it. Due to this reason, the WhatsApp version has gained popularity.

Privacy Settings

Likes, comments, and replies are fantastic ways to interact with WhatsApp users. Is there a way you can prevent others from seeing your conversations with that person? Does WhatsApp allow you to show your followers that they are not the only ones liking and commenting?

Change Name

You’ll always see a bio next to a contact’s name whenever you select them. Chatting with contact will display their bio lines under their name.

LV WhatsApp Status

If you’re interested in changing the status of your friends, you can add videos of at least 30 seconds in length, and hide that you’ve seen their status.

Call Button Disabled

If you use LVWhatsapp for multiple purposes, the call function will be disabled.


Multiple languages are supported by the app, so you can select the one that is most convenient for you. It is also possible to translate messages sent to other users.


With LVWhatsapp, you can unlock all the secret features of Whatsapp for girls. Besides calling and video chatting, it also has some interesting features. This program has a very user-friendly interface. The app has all the features you need at your fingertips. Your WhatsApp account will be protected by an anti-ban feature that comes with all of these features.

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