KMWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2022

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There are many people who enjoy using KM WhatsApp apk because it doesn’t contain any ads or bugs that can be annoying. Whenever an issue occurs within the app, the developer fixes it right away. KM WhatsApp Update 2022 features new features that you’ll learn about in this post.

What is WhatsApp KM?

The KM WhatsApp application has a great style that is comparable to WhatsApp plus. Kharis Flasher, the developer of the app, updates it regularly to add amazing features, such as saving views once media and customizing the home screen.



Features of KM WhatsApp APK

There are a few differences between KM WhatsApp APK and other WhatsApp MODs. A unique feature of this MOD is its ability to provide multiple features. So let’s take a closer look at them.

Anti Ban

With KM WhatsApp, you don’t have to worry about being banned like with other MODs or APK files. By using this feature, you will be able to prevent any type of ban on WhatsApp. Untrusted developers are commonly responsible for bannings. There is a risk of data loss when downloading APK files from these untrusted creators. Users who register with such WhatsApp mods are banned by WhatsApp official.

As KM WhatsApp has anti-ban features, it is a better option in that regard.

Hide Online Status

There are some users who want to remove their online status. Sadly, this feature isn’t available on WhatsApp’s official app. You can, however, hide your status online with KM WhatsApp.

Click on the privacy menu in WhatsApp to do this. To use the “Last Seen Freeze” feature, you simply need to activate it. It will be removed from the online status. Additionally, WhatsApp’s last seen will disappear as well.

View Deleted Chats and Status

Viewing deleted chats in KM WhatsApp is one of the most exciting features. Your friends can send you photos and videos, unlike official WhatsApp.

Go to WhatsApp’s privacy menu to turn on this feature. In the “Anti-Delete Message” section, check the box.

Additionally, you can view deleted chats and deleted statuses. With this MOD, you will be able to see if any of your contacts have deleted their status. This can be achieved by activating the “Anti-Wipe Status” option in the privacy menu.

You can also hide your name from the list of those who viewed your appearance status by selecting “Hide Appearance Status”. Viewing their status will not notify anyone.

Hide Typing Status

The typing status can also be hidden with KM WhatsApp. It prevents your chat partner from being notified when you type a reply. Messages will be sent directly to the recipient.

Besides, it’s easy as well. Choose “Contact” from the Privacy menu in KMWhatsApp. You can hide typing thereby checking the “Hide Typing” box.

Lock Chat

A lock chat function is also included in this amazing MOD of WhatsApp. This allows the user to lock any personal or secret chat. In addition, you have the option of selecting any lock type, such as passcodes, patterns, or fingerprints.

You can lock any chat you want by selecting it. Select “Key to Conversation” from the dot option in the upper right. After that, choose the type of password and enter it. You will be locked out of the chat.


You’ll love the way the KM WhatsApp looks with its eye-catching themes. Nevertheless, if the user is still unsatisfied, just change it. Different themes and wallpapers can be selected, unlike other MODs.

Themes that aren’t owned by KM WhatsApp are also available for download. In KM WhatsApp, there are a wide variety of themes available.

You can change the theme by going to “Settings”. You can change the theme by selecting the “Theme” menu on the front page. Alternatively, you can download the desired theme by clicking “Download Theme” and then clicking “Install”. Click “Ok” in the dialog box that appears.

BOOM Text Feature

A new feature has been added to KM WhatsApp. Repetition of the same content is possible with this feature. User can send a message as many times as he wants if he wants to send it impatiently and constantly.

You must click the bomb icon in the chat to enjoy this feature. The message can be typed and the number of times it can be sent can be set. Click “Send” when you’re done.

Changing Running Text

A running text runs across the top of the KM WhatsApp page. KM WhatsApp is also quite unique because of this feature. The user can simply change that text if he does not like it. The advantage of this MOD is that it allows you to customize multiple displays easily.

The walking text on the front page can be changed through the “Settings” menu. Select “Change Running Text” from that section. Once that has been done, click on the “Fill in the Running Text” button. The running text now displays the sentence you typed. Click “Okay” at the end.

Translate Messages

KM WhatsApp provides this feature as one of its most useful features. It is easy to translate messages between different languages without any detailed procedures. Users give developers high ratings for this feature since it is the most popular. 

Last Seen Removed Status 

A different feature of this application is that it shows the status of a deleted or removed item to the user. Users should follow these steps in order to view these statuses.

The removed status can be viewed by selecting the Anti-Wipe option.


Users can choose the auto-respond option in KM WhatsApp’s updated MOD APK. When someone sends you a message, the application will automatically reply. The user will be able to select the auto-reply that will contain those words. 

Story saver  

WhatsApp APKs all have this feature, but KMWA APK has an updated version. The story can be downloaded and shared directly with other persons without having to download it. Furthermore, KM WhatsApp offers a copy/paste option for status captions.

Media sharing

Different types of data can be shared with worldwide contacts in KM WhatsApp.

Picture Sharing

 There is the option to send up to 90 images at a time with this MOD APK.

Video Sharing

 KM WhatsApp allows users to send up to 30 megabytes of video to their contacts.


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