How to use FM WhatsApp APK on your Android Phone?

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A popular mode of Whatsapp is FMWhatsapp. Due to its amazing features, it stands alongside GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. This article will give you a full understanding of FM 2 WhatsApp features and how to use them if you have just downloaded the FMWhatsApp apk and are confused about how it works.

With FM Whatsapp, you can use it very easily. As soon as the app is installed on your phone and your account is created, you will also be able to access the chat window; we call this the app’s main screen. There are several places where you can find each conversation.

Towards the right side of the home screen is a floating button. When you tap on the button, a toolbar will appear with several options, such as initiating a conversation, viewing a client’s activity log, and changing settings directly. You can toggle aeroplane mode for WhatsApp by pressing the aeroplane mode option at the top of your home screen.

You can also search between conversations using a search icon. The three dots next to the search icon open a menu with numerous options related to Whatsapp. Tap each one to explore it.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the call and status window. Apart from this, you can make use of your phone’s camera to take pictures, record videos and send them to your contacts immediately.

The FM WhatsApp Chat window

  • Simply click the contact in the chat window to view any conversation that appears on the screen. All of the messages will appear in the chat box. When you tap the cursor you will see a QWERTY keyboard appear on the screen.
  • As a result, typing text messages is easy. A paper aeroplane button, which performs the sending of a message, will appear as soon as you start typing. When you are finished typing, tap that button.
  • When the receiver’s internet connection is active, you will see double ticks. In any other case, there will only be one tick. Audio and video calling options are available in the chat box on the upper toolbar.
  • To start a voice call or video call, tap either icon. On the three-dot menu, near the calling option, there are several options for chatting, such as blocking, setting a wallpaper, and clearing a chat.

The main screen has three tabs as you can see

  1. Messages
  2. (State)
  3. Contacts

Let’s move to the second tab now that we’ve discussed the first in-depth.

  • In the second section, we discuss status. Instagram stories are just the stories feature of the all-time popular app Instagram. You can post pictures, videos, or text-based statuses for your contacts to see for up to 24 hours.
  • The status screen consists of two sections. One of the shows, “My status”, has a plus icon; by clicking it, you can access your camera and gallery, allowing you to post stories from anywhere. Within 24 hours of uploading your status, your contact can see it. A list of your contact’s last updates appears below yours. You can view each status by tapping on it.
  • Your status can be viewed by anyone at any time. The number of people who have viewed your story is indicated by a small eye-like icon at the bottom. To view who viewed your status, click that icon. Your status can be shared, forwarded or deleted at any time.
  • The bottom of the screen has two floating buttons. An icon for the camera is on one and an icon for the text is on the other. When you click the camera icon, you will be taken to the gallery, and when you click the text icon, you can write anything you want on your stories with a coloured background, such as a quotation or a poem.
  • In the third tab, you can find all of the functions associated with calling. As we discussed earlier, opening the chat box will allow you to make calls.
  •  You can say the call history is on the call tab. Right below the phone icon is a button.
  • Simply tap the button and a list of your contacts will appear; you can call any of them by clicking the call icon next to their names. A trash icon lets you delete the call history. In the call tab section of the toolbar, there is a three-dot menu. You’ll find options like who may call me, general setting, etc. in that menu.
  • On the chats tab, you can find the main settings. The main screen has a button with 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. You can select any of these options by tapping the button. Fouad Whatsapp has some interesting features. When you enter the app, you will find all the settings options available.

You Can Choose FM WhatsApp From The Menu

  • Keeping your data secure and private

The amazing privacy and security features of Whatsapp Mods are why most people download them. As in FM Whatsapp, you can enjoy a lot of privacy, and security features, including freezing your last seen, call blocking, disabling forward tags while forwarding messages, viewing other people’s stories without letting them know, disabling blue ticks and reading the message, replying to messages whenever you wish, and more.

  • Themes of the FM WA

FM Whatsapp offers a wide range of themes. For users who like to customize their apps’ interface, there are more than 4k different stylish themes to choose from. In addition, themes can also be imported from SD cards. Your preferences can be reset at any time.

  • General

In addition to the settings mentioned above, there are other options such as emoji packs, stylish notification icons, colours of the toolbar, the colour of the menu, font styles and more. You can also back up your data here.

  • Screenshot of home

The home screen of FM Whatsapp APK includes settings for the main chat window and other sections.

  • Screenshot of conversation

Chat settings include wallpaper, chat bubbles, themes, colours, and so on.

Widgets offered by FMWA

You can set things according to your specifications using the Android widget.

We constantly provide our readers with the latest information about the latest update of Whatsapp Mods, as each update brings with it some new features.

With the share FM Whatsapp feature found in the about section of the app, you can easily share the application with your friends and family. Download the FM Whatsapp app now to take advantage of all the amazing features.

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