How to Unblock Your Account From WhatsApp Without Deleting it?

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Maybe someone blocked your account, and you want it unblocked. You have come to the right place since today, I will show you how to unblock your account without deleting it.

Your WhatsApp account can be unblocked

In this article, I will demonstrate a simple and possible method to unblock WhatsApp. However, you can talk and convince the person to unblock you, even if you cannot properly unblock yourself. Continue reading to learn how to do so.

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What is the process of unblocking yourself from WhatsApp?

The following are two methods for unblocking your WhatsApp account.

  • WhatsApp should now be open.
  • Ask one of your friends to add you and the person you were blocked to the same room.
  • Leave with your friend.
  • From now on, you can communicate with the person who blocked you.

Alternate method

It is almost the same as unblocking yourself from WhatsApp, but you must use another app than your friend. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Play store on Google.
  • Search parallel space using the search bar.
  • The app can be downloaded and opened.
  • Create a WhatsApp account and join the group with the person who blocked you.
  • They are now available for chatting.


  • You will not be able to see the contact’s profile picture, the contact’s status, the last seen, or whether they are online if you choose this option. They can still be contacted through the chat feature.
  • On WhatsApp, you can chat with a blocked person. This WhatsApp trick can be used to unblock yourself from anyone if this ever changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have been blocked on WhatsApp, how do I unblock myself?

Unblocking yourself on WhatsApp is not possible. You can however chat with the person who has blocked you and even call them. If your friend understands your situation, they may unblock you.

Does WhatsApp automatically unblock blocked users?

WhatsApp will not automatically unblock you. Once a person unblocks you, you will be unblocked.


Unless the person unblocks you himself, you cannot unblock your WhatsApp account. A way to talk to them is, however, available.

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