How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive?

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The Google Drive backup service has been widely used worldwide. You want to move your WhatsApp data to a new smartphone. The backup of WhatsApp data is stored on Google drive. The process is simple and requires no prior knowledge. To restore the WhatsApp used to create the Google Drive backup, you must have the same phone number and Google account used to create the backup.

We will walk you through each step in detail to restore the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. Take a moment to read the article, and you will benefit from it. Follow all the steps; otherwise, problems may arise. 

Restoring the backup from Google Drive on an Android device:

  • Getting started

You need to download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store first. Click here to do so. After you have downloaded WhatsApp, it will open automatically.

  • The second step

Your phone number should be added. Please make sure the phone number you use for the Google drive is the same one used for creating the Google drive.

  • Three-fold approach

By tapping the restore button, all media files and WhatsApp chats will be restored. 

  • This is the fourth step

On your Android devices, the process of restoration will begin. Please wait for the process to be completed.

  • This is the fifth step

You will see the backup on your screen after the process is completed.

  • The sixth step

Media files will be restored with the chat history.

Data from a local backup can be restored

If WhatsApp, by default, restores all your data from a local backup file if you do not have a Google Drive backup. The local backup, on the other hand, needs to be transferred. It starts at 2:00 AM every morning. Chats and media files are restored with no problem. Without a doubt, the process is simple and straightforward.

How to Troubleshoot

You do not need a third party to restore your media files and chat history if you have a problem. Depending on the issue, there are different ways to resolve it. Here are some of the reasons why these issues occur:

  • Ensure that you always use the same Google account for syncing your files on WhatsApp and Google Drive.
  • It is important that the phone number you used to restore the media files and chat on WhatsApp matches the one used for Google Drive backup.
  • Android devices can use this process. Apple devices will not be affected. 
  • Corrupted SD cards and chat history will not be restored.
  • Google Drive does not have a backup file. There are different solutions available to create a Google Drive backup if that is the issue.
  • Make sure your Google account is active on your phone. If not, create one. 
  • On your Android device, make sure you have the Google Play store app installed. 
  • Both WhatsApp and Google Play services are supported by stable cellular data.
  • Additionally, try a different network. Wireless networks with high speeds can help you restore WhatsApp backups.


If This is the right place to back up your data if you are wondering. The steps for restoring your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive are different. With the solutions described above, you can resolve any issue. Most people will have problems because their phones and Google accounts are not the same. Make sure you use a stable and high-quality network to avoid this.

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