How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iPhone?

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WhatsApp calls are more popular because of their reliability than conventional phone calls because they are easier to record. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging, audio, and video calling apps.

There are times when recording WhatsApp becomes a necessity due to official work or business details. As a journalist or for an important meeting, you might want to record WhatsApp calls on your Android and iPhone devices.

Recording WhatsApp calls can be a great way to capture memories of loved ones.

Are Whatsapp calls recorded?

The answer is a resounding YES. An app developed by a third party makes it possible to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone. Recording WhatsApp calls, however, poses some challenges.

The article does not help you to record WhatsApp calls easily, but it does help you to record WhatsApp audio and video calls.

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On the iPhone, you can record WhatsApp video and audio calls.

You can easily record WhatsApp calls if you use IOS 11 and 12. Apple’s built-in features of recording WhatsApp audio and video calls would save you a lot of time if you were grateful to them.

Start by going to settings, then to the control centre, and then to customized control. To record WhatsApp calls, click on the + icon on the recording page.

Swipe up the screen to reach the control centre on your iPhone to record WhatsApp calls.

You can start the screen recording process by tapping the screen recording icon and tapping the microphone option for audio recording.

In Step 4, find your contact on WhatsApp, and make a call to him or her.

Once you have finished recording WhatsApp calls, click on the red bar option whenever you want to stop recording.

Now, you will see an option to stop recording the screen. If you select stop, your iPhone will stop recording the WhatsApp call.

Using an Android device, you can record WhatsApp videos:

The iPhone comes with the in-built capability of recording WhatsApp calls, while Android does not. Therefore, you need an app that enables you to record WhatsApp calls.

AZ recorder, MNML screen recorder, Cube call recorder, and DU recorder app are some examples. The AZ recorder is discussed here in order to help you deal with this situation.

AZ screen recorder can be used to record WhatsApp videos:

You can record a WhatsApp video call by following the steps below:

Go to the Google play store app and search for “AZ screen recorder“.Go to the Google play store app and search for “AZ screen recorder”.

You will see the app on your home screen once it has been downloaded. Once you tap the widget icon, it will appear on top of your screen.

Make sure you have enabled the audio recording option in the AZ recorder’s settings. In any other case, no sound will be recorded.

Make a personal call to the person you want to record with the WhatsApp app.

After clicking the record icon, the video call will be recorded. Tap on the same icon after you have finished the video call to stop the recording.

When you receive an incoming WhatsApp video call, you can record the conversation by opening the AZ recorder app directly.

Lastly, the video call from WhatsApp will automatically be stored on your device.

Using the recording app for WhatsApp, you can record audio calls.

The first step is to install the record WhatsApp call app from the Google Play Store. After a short while, you will have it.

You can record a WhatsApp audio call after downloading the app. First, however, you need to enable this app in the notification settings. Additionally, the app will have access to your contacts, calls, and storage.

You can now make an audio call via WhatsApp with anyone, and it will automatically record.

After the audio call is complete, your Android devices will automatically save it.

WhatsApp Mods to Record Calls

Among WhatsApp users, WhatsApp mods are becoming increasingly popular. The mods provide all the features that are missing from the original WhatsApp app. Recording calls is one of them. Many WhatsApp mods come with the ability to record calls, such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp, and many others. Click on the links below to download these mods.


You should know whether or not it is legal to record WhatsApp calls since we discussed the details. You need to check your local laws since laws vary by country. When your government forbids the recording of calls, then the recording becomes difficult or impossible.

The consequences may be charged. The WhatsApp calls should only be recorded when necessary. You cannot record WhatsApp calls natively through WhatsApp. Using an iPhone app or the in-built features of the device, you can accomplish this.

Also, Google has made the privacy policy clearer by ceasing to record in the future. The company has also made changes to privacy, making it more secure.

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