How To Merge Two WhatsApp Groups Together?

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This article will show you how to merge two Whatsapp groups into one. This way, all group members can see all group messages.

Creating a single Whatsapp group from two

1. Establish a new Whatsapp group

We need to start by creating a Whatsapp group where members from both groups can communicate with each other. Create a new group by clicking the “New Group” button, adding a single new member and completing the group creation process.

2. Copy the link to join the group

Now that the group has been created, tap on the group and select “Invite via Group link”. By clicking this link, anyone can join the group. Just copy and paste this link into your browser.

3. Invite the older Whatsapp groups to the group via the group link

You must now share the link with older group members through Whatsapp after it has been copied. Make sure everyone is connected to the new group.

4. Remove the old groups

Once all the members are in the new group, the old ones can be deleted.

5. You’re done

In your new group, you will have two members.

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