How To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria In 2022?

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The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of how you can make money with WhatsApp in Nigeria. You must have heard the chatter about people making a lot of money on WhatsApp, and wondered if it was true. It is true. There are a lot of people making a lot of money from social media platforms every day, and you can make money too if you know how.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp several years ago. The company is commonly known as WhatsApp. After purchasing WhatsApp, Facebook added it to its ecosystem of social networks, linking it with Facebook, Instagram, and others. On this note, the app offers you the opportunity to earn through advertising but does not directly offer a method to earn money like Facebook or YouTube. Find out how to start a successful business online in Nigeria.

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How Do I Make Money In Nigeria Using WhatsApp?

In order to earn money, you need a few things. You need:

  • Contacts in abundance
  • Affiliate with large groups of people

If you wish to earn, you need people on WhatsApp, so be sure to check those two boxes. Furthermore, if you don’t have these, you will earn passively and minimally. Then you will definitely earn a lot if you have a large audience and a high engagement rate.

What You Need To Know About Making Money With WhatsApp In Nigeria

In Nigeria, you can make money using WhatsApp in the following ways:

1. Affiliations

Affiliate links work just like any other affiliate program: you register for an affiliate program and get people to purchase goods, earning a commission. You can discuss popular trends or recommend products related to the niche if you belong to a group that focuses on that niche. In other words, it’s all about creating free value for users, and then getting them to click through to your link and buy.

If you belong to a group that focuses on mobile phones, you can register for an affiliate program with a company that sells mobile phones. Additionally, you can provide value by reviewing the latest phones and telling people w they should or shouldn’t buy them. You would earn a commission as a result of following your link. Finding people and groups who are interested in the specific service you are offering is the key to this success. Amazon and Jumia are two popular affiliate networks.

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2. Click Sense (YSense)

YSense is one of the hottest ways to make money on WhatsApp right now, and it works well. You should check it out. You are paid to fill out surveys when you click on Pay to Click (PTC) websites. Consequently, you will be able to complete surveys, watch videos, play games, and more. You can also earn money by inviting friends, and a commission is paid for each successful referral. To earn referral bonuses, all you need to do is share your referral link with WhatsApp, and the more people who sign up, the more referral bonuses you receive.

However, earning well through YSense takes a bit of time, depending on your commitment. Payments are made once your earnings reach a certain amount. Make sure to stay committed, as it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Find out how you can earn money online in Nigeria.

3.  Link Shorts

Short links have been around for quite a while but are still relatively unknown to many people, making them the easiest and most common way to earn from WhatsApp. Shortened links to a website are something you can get instead of copying and pasting the normal long links. Rather, it is achieved by using a URL shortener, where the link is copied and pasted to be shortened. It is then copied to WhatsApp for sharing.

Basically, when people click on those links, an ad is displayed before the actual information or story appears, and you get paid as a result. Nevertheless, you have to attract people who want to learn about the information, just as you do with affiliate links. So, you may send news about politics, fashion, tech, or whatever interests your contact list. The most popular link shorteners to use are OUO, shortest, and link shrink.

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4. Referral Of Apps

There are a few apps on the Google Play store that will pay you to refer your friends to their apps, but it’s not common knowledge. In general, these can be recharge cards, tokens, or actual cash.

 Additionally, despite the small reward, it is still a way to earn money while doing very little work. Finally, finding the app, signing up for referrals, referring, getting your friends to use the app, and earning, as a result, is all that is required.

5. Get Your Message Across

People tend to forget that WhatsApp is just a social network like Facebook where they can promote themselves and what they do. Are you selling anything on WhatsApp? You can get new clients well-thought-out advertisements on WhatsApp, or maybe you specialize in certain skills. To succeed in this endeavour, however, ensure your customers are interested in what you have to offer.

Even if you don’t have any products, but would still like to sell something, you can create an online shop. You should copy the products from an affiliate partner who has already registered with the shop after you have created them. The retail profit from each person who clicks on your online store and purchases goods from your supplier is yours. The process is known as drop shipping.

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