How to Download WhatsApp Video Status?

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There are many occasions when you want to download your friend’s WhatsApp status. What about a video status on WhatsApp? It’s easy to screenshot a picture, but how about a video status? Do not worry, in this tutorial you will learn how to download WhatsApp video status to your phone.

You may wish to set it as your status or just save and share it. However, the status will disappear after 24 hours if you don’t delete it. It is important not to misuse this information and to obtain permission before downloading a person’s personal information.

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There are some new modified WhatsApp applications that include download status features by default. To download those apps, simply click on these links, which will take you directly to our page with a complete guide to downloading them.

If you want to download WhatsApp status on your original version of the app without any modifications, follow this guide. I will be showing you two ways for how you can download WhatsApp video status. One manually through the file manager and the other through an app because some phones don’t come with the file manager.

WhatsApp Video Status – how to download

You can download WhatsApp status without any problems if you follow all the steps.

  • You can access the file manager on your phone or go to the Files.
  • Go to the file manager and open the settings.
  • Show hidden files should be enabled.
  • Open Whatsapp from the internal storage by clicking on it.
  • You can open media files on WhatsApp.
  • The statuses tab can be found there.
  • You will see the recent video statuses you have seen on WhatsApp if you open the tab.
  • Save the desired status by copying it.
  • Save the status file permanently by pasting it into another media folder.

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How you can download Whatsapp videos within Whatsapp

  • Many phones do not come with file managers. Therefore, you need not worry as I am going to tell you how you can download WhatsApp status by an app.
  • Install the app from the play store.
  • Search status saver from the search bar.
  • The app should be able to access files, media, and media.
  • Click the save icon to save the WhatsApp status video or photo.
  • Your phone’s internal storage will be used to save the status.

With WhatsApp Mod, you can download WhatsApp Video Status

Video status on WhatsApp is not provided as a basic feature by WhatsApp. It is available as an optional feature. Mods for WhatsApp have been created by different developers. They include some extra and amazing features. Among these features is the ability to change font styles, font colours, and WhatsApp launcher icons. Downloading the WhatsApp video status is also one of these features.

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GB WhatsApp Video Status Download

WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp are among the most popular mods worldwide. Download GB WhatsApp via the link below. The following steps will assist you in downloading the video status on GBWhatsApp once you have downloaded the mod.

  • Open GB WhatsApp on your phone.
  • To download a status, open it.
  • There is a download button at the bottom of the page.
  • The status can be downloaded by clicking on the button.
  • Your phone downloads the video status.

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Questions & Answers

Whose WhatsApp status can I download?

By using the file manager on your phone, you can download someone’s WhatsApp status. You can do this by enabling the manager’s hidden files option and then searching for the WhatsApp status and saving it in another media folder.

Using the status saver app in the Google Play store, you can also download WhatsApp status

What is the best way to download WhatsApp status without an app?

Your phone’s file manager allows you to download WhatsApp status. Read the article above for more details. You can read it there.


It is simple and easy to download WhatsApp statuses. It’s easy to save your WhatsApp status to your phone using a few simple steps. The following instructions will show you how to do it.

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