How To Enable Auto Reply Messages On WhatsApp?

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The auto-reply feature, as its name implies, lets you set messages to be automatically responded to when you are unavailable to answer them.  Aside from scheduling away messages, you can even send greeting messages to new contacts automatically.

The auto-reply feature was designed primarily for small companies with clearly defined hours of operation. It is also possible to use it personally if you are not a business owner. You can always use third-party apps to auto-respond if you do not wish to switch to another version of WhatsApp. 

Set Auto Reply in WhatsApp Business

In the current version of WhatsApp Business, the auto-reply feature is available only to users. This version has been specifically designed for businesses. Using the Business profile, users can catalogue their products and services, and set up auto-replies to keep in touch with customers.

Previously, we mentioned there are two components to WhatsApp Business’s auto-reply feature 

  •  Away message.
  •  Greeting message.

 You can access them by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Away message

The main option for auto-responding is this. When you’re away from the office or outside of working hours, you can still reply to customers. You can do so by selecting Away message from the “Business Tools” screen.

Always Send

You can use this while absent from work for a prolonged period of time.

Custom schedule

These “away messages” should be specified precisely when they are active. The weekends and lunch hours come to mind.

You must enter a “Start time” and an “End time” after selecting this. 

Outside of business hours

During your business’ off-hours, this option will activate your away message.

Greeting message

A greeting message can also be customized and sent automatically, allowing you to welcome new customers or reengage those who haven’t contacted you in over a fortnight. Click on Business tools > Greeting message and customize it.


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