How do You Know if Someone Has Deleted WhatsApp?

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A person can delete their WhatsApp for many reasons. After that, it will be difficult for you to discover whether they have deleted their WhatsApp or not. Throughout this article, I will explain how you can find out if someone has deleted their WhatsApp profile.

Delete WhatsApp for what reason?

WhatsApp can be deleted for serious or non-serious reasons. It is possible that your friend or another person deletes their WhatsApp when they get mad at you or when there is any problem between them. In any case, it could also be that someone has changed their number and wants to create a WhatsApp account through a new number.

You have not been informed about deleting WhatsApp in any of these cases. You can find out if their WhatsApp is gone by trying some of these methods.

How do You Know if Someone Has Deleted WhatsApp?

If someone has deleted their WhatsApp account, there are three ways to find out. The methods are inaccurate or will not give you what you want, but you can get a rough idea. All three methods are necessary to confirm if the person has deleted their WhatsApp.

By Using Your Profile Picture

If you want to know whether someone deleted their WhatsApp, you can look at the profile picture of that person.


  • You may have already been blocked by the person you want to know about, so you are unable to see their profile picture.

You can find it by looking at the last scene.

To see if someone deleted their account, you can look at their last seen on WhatsApp. Despite the fact that it’s weird to check someone’s last location, in this case, you have to check to see if their WhatsApp has been deleted.


  • Unless you hide your own last seen, you won’t know when the person was last seen.
  • Changing the hide last seen will solve this problem. To do so, follow these steps.
  • Your phone should open WhatsApp.
  • Navigate to the settings.
  • You will find privacy under privacy.
  • View the last time you were here.
  • Everyone should have access to it.

Following that, you can see last seen information for others.

  • If the person disabled the last seen for everyone, you will not be able to see it.

Send a message to find

You can check the status of someone’s WhatsApp account in this last way to learn if they have deleted it. All you need to do is send a message to that person.

  • Messages sent to the recipient are indicated by a tick. Their WhatsApp may have been deleted.
  • Two ticks mean the message has been delivered. Thus, their WhatsApp account has not been deleted.
  • One tick indicates that the account may have been deleted.
  • The person may not be online or their internet may not be working, which will result in the message not being received.
  • Depending on the case, you can wait one or two days to see if the person replies or shows any activity that would indicate that they have not deleted their WhatsApp account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When someone deletes their WhatsApp, can you tell?

Look at their profile and message to see if that’s the case. A profile without a grey tick indicates a deleted account, while the only message sent is with a grey tick.

When someone deletes WhatsApp, how does it look?

Profile pictures disappear, and they do not receive messages.


If someone has deleted their WhatsApp account, you will be able to tell by looking at their blank profile and grey ticks on messages. Nevertheless, there is a chance that they didn’t delete the account. Another event may have taken place.

Even if you don’t know their name, you can still get an idea from their profile picture, their last seen, and sending them a message.

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