GT WhatsApp Apk Free Download For Android In 2022

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Did you delete an important message from a family member or a work-related message? Are you interested in recovering deleted Whatsapp messages? GT Whatsapp Apk can be downloaded by clicking the download link below to recover old WhatsApp messages that have been deleted.

Audio messages, images, and texts can all be recovered easily. It may be possible to recover video messages only if they were sent within 24 hours and were less than 30MB in size. With GT WhatsApp, you can recover deleted messages without any configuration since the cache files can be recovered from your device.

What is GT WhatsApp Apk?

In addition to recovering deleted texts, GT Whatsapp also allows you to see deleted messages from both sides. A GT WhatsApp video can be up to 80 MB in size, compared to a normal WhatsApp video. Using this Whatsapp, you can now send high-quality images without worrying about the image quality degrades. In GT WhatsApp, you can view WhatsApp status while you are texting.

Features of GT WhatsApp APK

There are many unique features in the new version of GT WhatsApp Pro that users will appreciate. Below are a few of them.

  • Choose one of the available themes to personalize your app.
  • Your program can be customized in terms of colours, icons, sizes, etc.
  • Video files up to 30MB can be sent.
  • The number of photographs you can send at once is 90.
  • There is no compression of image files; original photo quality is preserved.
  • Status now has a character limit of 250 instead of 139.
  • Check your contact details and hide the last message you viewed while online


I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to retrieve a WhatsApp message. Although there is no guarantee that GT WhatsApp will be able to retrieve data. 

Images, documents, pdfs, and videos can also be recovered depending on when the file was deleted and its size.

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