GS Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version on Android

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The GS mod team has created the best Whatsapp mod ever. It is now possible to download the latest version of GS Whatsapp 2.8.

What is GS Whatsapp?

There are many messaging apps available on the market but WhatsApp is one of the most popular. It is easy to use, secure, and free. This can be accomplished with GS WhatsApp 2022. With GSWhatsApp APK, you can download an enhanced version of WhatsApp that offers extra features like undo/redo and incognito mode. Additionally, the APK download links have been updated to make finding and installing easier. As compared to other WhatsApp Mods, GSWhatsApp is smaller in size.

Features Of GS Whatsapp

New Themes

The number of new themes has exceeded 1000. If you want your WhatsApp to look cool and fresh, you can change the theme from time to time.

Status Mods

When you upload a higher-quality video or image, the quality of your status will be reduced. Images and videos can be sent and received in HD quality on WhatsApp on GS. Your WhatsApp status can also include up to 15 minutes of video and a 10MB image.

Group Calls

The call can be directed either to a random known contact or to an unknown contact. It was impossible to communicate with all members of a group before this update. When you use this modified version, you can communicate with everyone in your group.

Hide Double Tick

There has never been a simpler way to stay connected to friends and family. How can it be used most effectively? GS WhatsApp Anti-Ban allows you to privately communicate with your family members.

Anti-Ban Protection

In addition, the anti-ban strike will not affect new coding developments or terms and conditions. WhatsApp Anti-Ban protection prevents your official WhatsApp account from being deleted or banned.

Send Large Files

Are you having trouble sending large files? If you’re looking for GS WhatsApp APK download, then look no further! Using this app, you can send files up to 1 GB without any problems. Any phone and network carrier can use a premium unlocked app.


Does this GSwhatsapp apk have full security and safety?

Yes, this app is completely safe and secure.

Is it possible to use GSWP and Original WhatsApp simultaneously?

Both WhatsApp apps can be used on the same device.

Does this Whatsapp mod have any ban issues?

This apk does not have a banned issue.


There are a number of unique features in GS Whatsapp that will appeal to WhatsApp users of all kinds. Please let me know if you are able to make the app work on your device. Should you continue to experience problems installing the app, please let us know in the comment section below. Please expect a response to your inquiry within a few days.

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