GB WhatsApp for PC | Download & Install 2022 For Windows

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I am glad to inform you that you have come to the right place if you are looking for the GB version of WhatsApp for PC. With this guide, I will explain in detail the steps involved in downloading and successfully using the GB messaging app for PCs. You are able to do various things with GB WhatsApp APK, such as Hide Last Seen on your device, as well as a lot more in your device. In GB WhatsApp, you find the modified version of real WhatsApp that you can download and install on your Pc, to obtain some extra features of the original WhatsApp program. I would recommend you to try GB WhatsApp on your iPhone if you have one.

Features Of GB Whatsapp For PC

  • No Ban Possibility
  • If you have a busy schedule, you can take advantage of the Automatic Reply feature.
  • WhatsApp messages can be scheduled for particular contacts or groups.
  • Hide your private chats by clicking on the ‘Hide Private Chats’ button.
  • Instead of sending 16 MB audio clips, you can send audio clips up to 100 MB.
  • Stay online 24 hours a day with the Always Online Feature.
  • Instead of sending just 30 images, send more than 90 images.
  • There are many options available for setting wallpapers, uploading profile pictures and changing them.
  • The last time you were seen can be hidden and you can do much more than that.
  • The notification icon, as well as the app icon, can also be modified.
  • Private chats can also be hidden as well.
  • In addition to the user’s own story, someone else’s story may also be downloaded.
  • The special also allows you to copy someone’s status to your clipboard.
  • In addition to sending the broadcast message to a single contact, you can also send it to more than 600 contacts at once.

Features Of Whatsapp GB For PC

  • A message can be proved to have been deleted by using the alternative “Message deleted”.
  • Users can currently use their WHATSAPP accounts on their smartphones without having to worry about any technical issues.
  • With the GB WhatsApp for PC, you can pay your friends and family members via the UPI platform, which allows you to make payments at any time.
  • Its other functions include the ability to send a signal to anyone in the group, a feature which can be very useful.
  • I designed this app with the newest emojis and it was able to use the autoresponder when the person is busy.
  • As well as this, it offers the user the opportunity to disconnect WhatsApp from the Internet by using the DND mode.
  • It is possible to use GB WhatsApp to make a conference call with up to 30 contacts.
  • The ability to send a message to up to six hundred users at a time is another feature that makes GBWHATSAPP such an attractive solution for phone stores.
  • It is also possible for the user to hide a large group of contacts, as well as the contacts from the exact group they belong to.
  • In this app, a person can also hide their private conversations from the public in order to protect their privacy.
  • There are several amazing headlines that come with it. Thus, you are able to switch your theme by simply changing your status online.
  • The GBWhatsApp for PC allows you to send 90 images to all of your close friends at once unlike the real WhatsApp application.
  • In addition to the recent addition of GB WhatsApp for PC, it is now possible to chat with other users without having to enter their name and time.

Download and Install GBWhatsapp on PC:

  • GBWhatsapp can be downloaded from our website in either the most recent version or an older version.
  • Click on the download Bluestacks button on the official website of Bluestack.
  • Go to the Library > Open system apps menu and open the software
  • To use the media manager, you need access to the settings tab on the left bottom and then select the import from Windows option. From there, you can choose the GBWhatsapp apk file from your computer.
  • Click on the install button at the top of the apk file, after you have opened it. This will start the installation process.
  • Once the app has been installed, go to the setting page and make sure that all the permissions have been allowed.
  • As soon as you have clicked on Agree and continued, enter your mobile number, and once your phone number is verified, GBWhatsapp will immediately be available for you for using on your Pc.


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