Download GB WhatsApp For IOS 2022 Updated Latest Version

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I’m sure you’ve heard already about the fact that GB WhatsApp for iPhone or IOS is a mod of the original app, and it has a lot of new and exciting features that aren’t available in the original. In order for you to download and install this mod on your iPhone, there are a few simple and easy steps that you need to follow.

The Mod app has been updated to version 2022 and is faster, safer, and easier to use than ever before. Additional features are available that you will not find in the original WhatsApp app.

Feature of Gb WhatsApp For IOS

Auto Reply

For business and personal accounts, the auto-reply feature allows one to set up a reply and have it sent automatically as soon as the message is received. It is possible to modify the message in accordance with your needs.


Putting the user’s account in DND mode will prevent them from receiving or sending text messages, as well as receive notifications. It is very useful for those who use another app and do not want to receive GB WhatsApp’s notifications while using it.

Customizable Themes

You can choose a theme from a wide selection, so you can customize it. The dark theme is one of the most popular display settings for this app.

Hidden Chat Feature

In the app, you are able to hide a particular chat, and, in this way, you do not have to download any other third-party apps in order to do this. There are privacy options that can be used to make sure that your data is protected.

Hide Recording Status

So that the receiver cannot see the recording or typing status while you are recording, you can hide the recording status while recording any audio.

Multiple Languages

With the app, you can communicate in a variety of regional languages. This feature makes it easy to switch to a language that users find challenging, such as Hindi or English.

Backup Feature

You can easily make a backup chat with it. Deleted files and messages, such as images and videos, are also retrievable. Backup capabilities have been enhanced.

Video statuses of up to seven minutes

A video status limit extension was provided by the application. This means that users can create a video status that lasts up to seven minutes, while the original app only allows a video status to last for thirty seconds.

Change the notify-bar icon

The notification bar icon can be customized as it comes with high customization options. The bar can also be customized by changing the theme and colour.

Strict Privacy

It offers a variety of privacy controls, including hiding and unhiding chat, freezing last seen, hiding a status from specific contacts, seeing a person’s status privately, and more. You can lock your app if you want to keep it safe and secure.

Send Multiple Images

The sharing options are extensive, and it has the ability to share 100 images at once and 50 MB of video files at once. You can only send 30 images at a time in the official version.

Stickers are now available

With the app, you can use new emoticons as well as trendy stickers while chatting with friends. Furthermore, it is updated regularly with new content.

Download Status

The download status option is one of the interesting features of GBWhatsApp Pro. With this application, you will be able to download the voice and video status updates of your contacts.

Different Fonts

New fonts can be found in the app for users. These customizable fonts can be used by anyone bored of the same old font.

Broadcast Text Messages

By sending a Broadcast text message to a group of people, you are able to send text messages to groups. As you can see, this is an excellent feature that provides the best messaging experience for the users.

Final Verdict

Many features missing from the original app have made WhatsApp modes popular among users. Among the features you can choose are new font styles, covers, themes, advanced privacy settings, and much more in WhatsApp mode. For Android users who wish to emulate WhatsApp’s iOS interface, GB iOS X was developed.

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