FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version Sep 2022

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FMWhatsApp APK can be downloaded from this post if you are interested. There is a possibility that you are using WhatsApp on your smartphone device. The ANWhatsApp APK can be used to get more features for WhatsApp on your device. In this APK there are extra features like hiding the online status, blocking calls, DND mode, theme support, etc that have been added by third-party developers.

What is FMWhatsApp?

There is an alternative app, FMWhatsApp, which can be found on the internet and is a version of the original WhatsApp application. The FMWhatsApp app is a modded version that is unavailable on the Google Play Store. Among the best versions of WhatsApp for Android, one of the best MOD versions allows some cool features that are unavailable in the original version. FMWhatsApp does not have any association with WhatsApp Inc. As a matter of fact, FMWhatsApp is developed by some other companies, which aims to gain an edge over other firms.

Feature of FM Whatsapp 2022

  • You will be able to use all the features of FM MOD
  • The theme has been changed
  • Fm WhatsApp APK users have created free amazing themes that are designed to enhance the app’s appearance
  • Having multiple WhatsApp accounts at the same time
  • Languages of various origins
  • Your status can be copied by clicking on the “Copy Status” button
  • It is possible to send large files such as video, audio, and images
  • Sending video files up to 50MB in size is possible
  • Double-click on the checkbox to hide the online status
  • Hiding seen messages, keeping delivered messages hidden
  • This feature ensures that you are always online
  • Ability to send up to ten images at a time
  • FM WhatsApp users have access to new and customized emojis
  • This feature allows you to perform a backup of your data
  • Add stickers to your Android device using Google Play
  • Icons for a variety of launchers
  • A hidden chat feature is available on this modded WhatsApp.
  • The status of this writing has been hidden
  • The status of the recording is hidden
  • It is possible to connect to WhatsApp web using this application, but there are no features available there
  • Messages are automatically replied to when they are sent
  • Use and create themes, which can be shared with others who are using Whatsapp
  • It is possible to share as much as 100 MB of audio files
  • Rather than 30 seconds, video statuses can be shared for a maximum of 7 minutes
  • Password protection is enabled by default
  • The styles of the ticks are amazing
  • Icons for launchers that are cool
  • Change the icon of the notification bar
  • There are multiple providers ofIt allows you to schedule messages in advance multi-gifs
  • Use a different player to view the video
  • Scheduler for messages


Generally speaking, FMWhatsApp is one of the best MODs of WhatsApp. You can download it here. You can download the latest versions of FMWhatsApp and the other  Modded WhatsApp from here. Before you download FM WhatsApp, We recommend that you take backup to your previous Whatsapp.

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