FMWhatsApp 2 APK Download (Official) Latest Version May 2022

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Unlike the official WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp 2 is not a Google Play Store app but is a modified version of Whatsapp. FMWhatsApp 2 is not widely known by many people, but many users use WhatsApp’s other modded apps instead of the official app as their primary alternative.

Around the world, a large number of people use WhatsApp Messenger on a daily basis. I use WhatsApp on a daily basis to communicate, chat, and send audio, video and documents, as well as audio and video calls. Our day to day life at work or even at home is more than likely influenced by WhatsApp. We all know it is an integral part of our everyday lives.

Customization in FMWhatsapp

FMWhatsApp APK has a lot of customization options in the latest version. A custom theme can be applied. We can use custom emojis to make our chats wonderful. The interface can be customized as well. FMWhatsApp APK gives you the possibility to choose custom launcher icons if you are bored with the default launcher icons. FMWhatsApp offers special customizable features, such as the ability to create custom wallpapers and statuses for contacts.

Anti-Ban Version

With FMWhatsApp 2 APK, you will no longer have to worry about your account being banned because it is fully Anti-Ban. It has been reported that many WhatsApp users do not like a Mod version with a resin to prevent the account from being banned, but I would recommend using it if you are searching for one.

Secret features of FMWhatsapp

There is a feature provided by FMWhatsApp with which we can send WhatsApp messages to anyone without adding their contact to our list of contacts. In FMWhatsApp, we can disable the forward tag so we don’t have to worry about forwarding tags when we just forward our messages. Messages will appear original if they are written by us. We can also hide the status view and disable blue ticks from chats like we can with some other WhatsApp mods. Our contracts lists’ statuses can be seen even after they are deleted with the anti-delete feature. If someone deletes a message, it is visible in our chats.

Multimedia features

Managing multimedia features in official WhatsApp is no easy task as we all know. FMWhatsApp has very few features related to media sharing. On the other hand, we can share up to 700Mb of files at the same time using FMWhatsApp. The use of FMWhatsApp means that you can share both high-quality images as well as videos. As far as the sharing of images is concerned, official WhatsApp is only able to share a maximum of 10 images at a time, whereas FMWhatsApp is capable of sharing 30 images at a time.

Increased Experienced:

I am guessing that you used some of the old WhatsApp mods that were either unreliable or unstable. A new mod experience, FMWhatsApp 2 brings a new level of customization tools and features, that brings a whole new level of mod experience.

A higher level of Privacy:

Mods for WhatsApp which protect your privacy are a must. There is a whole new set of privacy options available to you in the updated version. The older versions of WhatsApp make it problematic to use some of the privacy features, such as adjusting last seen or customizing profiles, whereas these features work fine with the new app.

Improved UI:

We are delighted to find an update on the user interface of WhatsApp mods in the new update of the app although we’re still a little bored with the old user interface. This update will allow you to view the page in a way that will make it easier for you to comprehend and experience.

File-Sharing Limit:

Every day in our everyday lives, we have to share files with each other. The official WhatsApp app does not offer a whole lot of features, like the ability to share large documents and files. FMWhatsApp 2 APK allows you to transfer up to 1GB of data at a time, which is simply amazing when you think of how much data can be transferred using this app.

Send HD Videos and Images:

Videos and images can be shared in the original quality and size in which they are created. FMWhatsApp 2 allows the storage of videos to be limited to 50 MB. There is a difference between FMWA 2 and its official version in that FMWA 2 is capable of sharing more than ten images at any given time. These features are usually only available if there is a mod installed on WhatsApp.

A bunch of Themes:

New themes have been introduced with Version 2. A lot of themes can be downloaded for free. In comparison to the older themes, these new ones have much better quality.


You can enjoy the premium feel of FMWhatsApp 2 without spending a single penny because it is a modded version with many advanced features. Choose a WhatsApp MOD APK with Anti-Ban features that match your expectations and needs by checking out some of the best. The FMWhatsApp 2 app also allows you to install another modded WhatsApp app alongside the official WhatsApp Messenger.


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