DYO WhatsApp v90 Free Download For Android

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DYO WhatsApp Version 90:

  • New styles for iOS homes have been added.
  • A new Twitter home interface has been added.
  • The Whatsapp folder has been cleared.
  • A new view of status has been added.
  • A new style of lock screen has been added.
  • A new splitter for video has been added.
  • Lock background can now be shown or hidden.
  • On the action bar of the conversation, a video icon can be shown or hidden.
  • On the conversation action bar, there is now an audio icon that can be hidden or shown.



DYO WhatsApp Version 88:

  • A new style of home has been added.
  • A new design for the drawer has been added.
  • List of blocked people added.
  • Notifications, when someone blocks you, have been added
  • The gradient colour for the Fab menu has been added.
  • The colour check option has been added.
  • A new stock-style splash screen has been added.
  • Background colour can be changed on splash screens.
  • The background of Snow has been removed.
  • There was an error on the home screen that has been fixed.
  • It is not possible to apply Stock icons to the home screen.
  • A number of Fixed Messages.
  • The app lock has been fixed.
  • The Fab chat has been fixed.
  • Translation of settings improved.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

DYO WhatsApp Version 87:

  • New home style added.
  • An updated drawer user interface has been added.
  • A new profile photo style has been added to the header.
  • Hide tag has been added.
  • The themes for the application have been improved.
  • Sharing location fixed.
  • Antivirus settings and special features have been fixed.
  • Improvements and fixes in other areas.


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