Cyber WhatsApp Apk v10.0 Free Download on Android In 2022

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Cyber WhatsApp has released a new version for Android users. From here you can download Cyber WhatsApp APK 10.0 Latest version on Android, which you can use a third-party application on your device.

Cyber WhatsApp is a modified version of the Android version of WhatsApp. iPhone users will be able to use this app. You can download this app if you are an iOS user.

Cyber Whatsapp Overview:

App Name Cyber Whatsapp Apk
File size 47 MB
Latest version v10.0
Developer Whatsappinstalling
Total Downloads 26,000+
Requirement 4.4+
Last updated Yesterday



What is Cyber WhatsApp?

Modifying WhatsApp’s original version with Cyber WhatsApp brings it several in-app customization options. According to WhatsApp Inc., the mod was taken down because it was based on WhatsApp Plus. 

WhatsApp can now be customized both in terms of appearance and features through this ‘cyber mod. 


This Whatsapp mod apk features a message bomber as one of its most popular features. You can easily send thousands of messages in a matter of seconds with the help of this feature. If you want to hang his/her WhatsApp, then after sending thousands of messages at once, it will cause WhatsApp to hang.

  • AntiBan

Using Cyber Whatsapp you can prevent your Whatsapp account from being banned from Whatsapp due to its anti-ban feature. With the Whatsapp mod, you will never be banned. This makes it a safe application to use.

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  • Anti Revoke Message

Whatsapp mod apk comes with another and most useful feature called anti-revocation. If your friends delete messages for everyone, you can read and respond to these messages. Your friends will be impressed when you reply to their messages with this feature.

  • Anti Status Delete

By using the anti-status delete feature, you’re able to view your friends and family’s deleted statuses. In addition to replying to those deleted Whatsapp statuses, this feature also lets you reply to text messages.

  • Custom Themes and Customization

There are a number of custom themes within this Whatsapp mod that can be used to tweak the user interface of your Whatsapp. It has a gallery of themes available for download. Simply click on apply after downloading the theme. This Whatsapp also allows you to customize different logos, fonts, styles, and much more.

  • DND Mode

Additionally, a DND mode is available in this Whatsapp mod, which disables the Internet without turning off Whatsapp. You will no longer be able to send or receive texts if you enable this mod. Enabling DND will prevent you from communicating at all.

  • Blue Ticks After Reply

Whatsapp mods come with custom privacy features. The blue ticks will be hidden if you enable this setting so your friends can only see them if you reply to their messages. Even if you read their messages, they won’t be able to see them.

  • Hide/Freeze Last Seen

It also allows you to hide your last seen and freeze your last seen in this Whatsapp mod apk. Whenever you click the freeze button, you can prevent anyone from seeing if you are online. Other users will still see you as offline regardless of whether you are online or not. Consequently, it is possible to ignore a large number of people without any issues.

  • Reply automatically

It has an auto-responder feature that allows you to send a customized message to everyone you message, even when you are unavailable. You can also write a customized message for each recipient.

  • Message Scheduler

A message scheduler is also included in this Whatsapp mod. It is possible to contact your friends, clients, customers, etc. via this feature if you wish to do so. If you wish to send a message to a particular person at a certain time, you can write a special message.

  • Chats can be hidden or locked

The Whatsapp mod lets you choose a custom pin or pattern to hide or lock your Whatsapp chats. Its security features are excellent. Any Whatsapp chat that is locked cannot be read without a password.

  • Status View Without Being Shown

Now, it is also possible to view your friends’ statuses without appearing in their list. Your Whatsapp status won’t be visible to them regardless of whether you have seen it. Additionally, if you want to respond to the status without going to their list, you can do so.

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