BT WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android

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Enjoy BT WhatsApp’s features by downloading the Apk version 2022  on your phone. A number of new features have been added to BT WhatsApp in its new version. Enjoy BTWhatsApp without getting banned from Whatsapp by downloading BT WhatsApp’s latest version.

This is BT Whatsapp APK, one of the best and most popular Whatsapp MODs. WhatsApp is the top and best communication app in the world through which millions of people communicate with each other. We are able to stay in touch with our family and relatives thanks to WhatsApp. Our buddies can send us images, videos, and audio using WhatsApp. Our business purposes can also be served by sending documents. Our live location can now be shared and payments can be made on Whatsapp thanks to recent updates.


What’s BT Whatsapp?

As a modified and enhanced version of Whatsapp, BT Whatsapp works much like the original Whatsapp. Despite the fact that the original app does not contain any bugs, it lacks some of the features and can be annoying at times. There are some useful features in BT Whatsapp that are absent from the original app. We always look for the best app with the best features, no matter whether it is an original app or a modified one.

On the internet, you can find tons of Whatsapp MOD APKs, some of which are fake or just copies of the original app with no extra features. This is why we gathered Whatsapp MODs from different trusted sources so that you could find them easily. The purpose of today’s article is to provide a direct download link for BTWhatsapp with some of its features. Enjoy all those awesome features with BTWhatsapp APK latest version.

Features of BTWhatsApp

Do Not Disturb

BTWhatsApp users will find this to be the most useful and important feature. Currently, WhatsApp is used for many important things in our busy world. WhatsApp’s official version is used for many things, such as video calls, receiving data, and receiving important documents.


Do you get tired of clicking the same Green WhatsApp theme every time? Are you interested in trying something new? Multiple themes are available for customizing your WhatsApp interface. BT WhatsApp app differs from the original version of WhatsApp with this much-anticipated feature.

Freeze Your Last Seen

Sometimes we don’t want others to know when we last checked WhatsApp and we are always worried about our online status. It’s pretty simple, but unlike the official WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen.

Emoji Variant

The BT WhatsApp mod allows you to use any emoji version on top of the emoji included in the Keyboard app. In addition to Stock and Facebook, you can also select Emoji One V3 for Android 0 Emojis. Below is a direct download link for the latest version of BTWhatsApp APK so you can enjoy this feature.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

Thanks to BTWhatsapp’s anonymous feature, you can browse your friends’ messages without letting them know you are online and reading them without responding.

When you reply to the sender using BT WhatsApp, only a blue tick is displayed when you reply. Many people are always busy and do not have time to respond right away. This feature can be very helpful to them.

Hide Delivered And Blue Tick

For some reason, the official developers couldn’t add this feature, which many users have been asking for for a long time. Senders do not know if their message has been delivered to you when you receive a message. On Android phones, blue ticks also apply.

Message A Number Without Saving Any Contact

With WhatsApp, you can send direct text messages, make voice calls, and make video calls without saving anyone’s number. In the case of only sending one text message to someone, and not storing their number on our phone, this feature comes in handy.

Hide View Status

Once again, BT WhatsApp has become an important feature. The third-party version is preferred by most users due to its advanced privacy features. By downloading the modded version of this APK, you will be able to view people’s status updates without them knowing you are viewing them.

Privacy & App Lock

WhatsApp status like BT WhatsApp is popular because of its privacy features. With BT WhatsApp 2022, you are able to hide blue ticks, second ticks, typing status and recording status.

Disable Forwarded Tag On Messages

There will be a sign on a message that says “Forward” when it is sent to someone or to a group. Our messages can sometimes look suspicious and distort the authenticity of the messages we send to others.

It is possible to forward any message with BTWhatsApp APK latest version without informing others that the message is forwarded many times before it reaches them. You can disable forwarded message flags under Privacy > Disable Forwarded Message Flags.

Media Sharing

Download BTWhatsApp 2022 APK for Android if you want to remove WhatsApp media limitations. In addition to sending 30 photos, you will be able to send up to 700MB of files when using the BT WhatsApp download.

With BTWhatsApp, you can send anything, be it a video, a document, an audio file, or any other type of file. Using this website, you can join WhatsApp groups and share them.

Anti-Delete Status

Another one of BTWhatsapp’s most popular features is anti-delete status. WhatsApp statuses will be deleted if a story is posted in the status section and deleted after posting so that no one can see them. The advantage you’ll gain here is that you’ll get it with the help of BT WhatsApp.

Anti-Delete Messages

BTWhatsApp APK also includes an anti-delete message feature, similar to the anti-delete status feature. You can read deleted messages that the sender has deleted.



We’ve been using WhatsApp for a long time, and we love it, but it has some limitations because it’s an official version. WhatsApp couldn’t add all the features we wanted for some reason, so there were a few things we were asking for. In this case, the question arises as to why settle for less when the same app can offer much more. Its amazing features easily outstrip those found in “BT WhatsApp 2022”.

The latest version of BT Whatsapp has several new features, including freezing last seen, disabling forwarding tags on messages, and hiding view status. The users are given full freedom in this way. I guarantee that once you install it, you won’t be able to live without it. The links in the article will take you to BT Whatsapp.


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