AWT WhatsApp Download APK For Android

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It is possible to recover deleted messages with the AWT Whatsapp app. As we are aware that there is a possibility of losing some important messages, we would like to restore them in any way possible; in order to do so, we must use this app. The purpose of this article is to explain how to download the new version of AWTWhatsApp 2022 for your Android device.

  • The cache should be cleaned.
  • The AWT Privacy Settings allow the user to upload a profile photo.
  • Extra features & more options in anti-virus.
  • (AWT Privacy / Home screen) Hide chat divider.
  • The home header allows you to customize all icons.
  • The direct contact link needs to be switched.
  • The audio is converted to a voice note.
  • Chat has been modified (temporarily).
  • In the search results, there is a hidden chat show.
  • There are some phones that crash when you make a call.
  • There is no group privacy setting in the group settings.
  • Media captions should be copied.
  • 2 a.m. is the normal backup time.
  • Some phones crash the Auto Reply page randomly.
  • Translations into Hebrew and other languages.
  • There are many other improvements and fixes as well.


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